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SankalpTaru Foundation Fellowship Programme:

This paid fellowship programme is for all those passionate changemakers who believe that this is the last best chance we have got as humanity to make a greener impact and save the planet.

We have launched ‘Sustainable Practices Fellowship Programme’ at PEEPAL Research Centre, Uttarakhand to extend an opportunity for green enthusiasts, who have an expertise in the desired domain and share a common vision of making a long term sustainable impact on this planet.

Therefore, this 6 month fellowship programme has been designed to develop sustainable solutions to cater to some of the primary socio-environmental challenges of the current times.

Click Here to find out more about PEEPAL Research Centre of SankalpTaru Foundation.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • We are looking for diploma holders or graduates from the Agriculture, Environmental, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Architecture or other Life Sciences backgrounds.
  • Applicants should have great respect, patience and problem solving mindset towards environmental causes.
  • Candidates should possess team spirit.
  • Candidates should expect a modest housing arrangement.
  • Candidates should be willing to travel to nearby rural areas for the purpose of Research & Development.

Proposed Project Snippets:

  • We are in the process of developing Electrical Vehicles (EVs) for the Rural farmers of India.
  • We are working with possible solutions to create energy through agricultural waste.

Additional requirements:

The Cover letter should briefly mention the following points:

  • The expectations of the applicant from this fellowship programme.
  • The reason behind applying for this fellowship programme.
  • What can the applicant offer to this programme?
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