Livestock Management

Without livestock, our PEEPAL RC is just like a body without the soul as they share some unusual friendliness at Research Centre.


Dairy farming is a vital pillar for sustainable development at our Research Centre as it helps to strengthen food security and nutritional requirements of the families of rural farmers who have limited access to a variety of food items to sustain their well being.

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Goat farming is a low cost investment alternative for livestock management which helps us to provide fertilizers for our plants and also act as an option to generate income for our farmers by rearing goats for their milk and wool.

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Areas where the families of our farmers have limited access to schools and education, poultry is becoming an important means of their income and sustenance. It is also helping women to better their financial conditions and uplift their sources of livelihood.

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Fish Farming

Fish farming provides high nutritional value in terms of its protein content. It is helping malnourished children of our farmers to gain their health back. Also, this technique can be easily integrated into the existing farm to create additional income and improve its water management.

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