Solar Farming And Sustainable Energy

Solar Electricity

Our RC operates solely on solar energy which is generated from 15kW capacity of solar panels installed on its roof tops designed to utilise its exposure to abundant sunlight.  The solar model has been segregated into two load capacities of 5kW, which is designed to cater for irrigational requirements and 10kW for other miscellaneous uses. Switching to solar energy has not only helped us combat issues of frequent power cuts and unstable voltage but also allowed us to sustainably scale down our electricity expenses and maintenance costs.

Solar Cooking

We are practicing two models for using solar energy for cooking purposes.

Solar Cooker

Used for preparation of Dalia for the cows in our dairy and boiled rice and daal for the staff working there.

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Solar Induction Dryer

We use solar induction dryers for drying fruit candies and other farm produce to dehydrate their moisture content. This slows down the metabolic rate of the pathogens, thereby increasing the shelf life of the products.

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